Project L.

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** a special thank goes to Erik van Blokland, Paul van der Laan, Peter Verheul, Peter Bil’ak, Françoise Berserik, Fred Smeijers, Frank Grießhammer, Tobias Frere-Jones, Lucas de Groot, Paul Barnes, Phil Baines and all of the t]m 14-15 classmates.


project images

These two editions are part of the the Lemanic project. The process book has been printed on a digital press. The specimen is made on a black and white laser printer and possess 6 differents kind of paper with 3 different sizes.

Lemanic is a project that started in February 2015. It consists of an exploration of 5 months into the construction of an extended type family for newspaper. Working with three different grades, it lets the designer construct a page with very dynamic and dynamic elements. The first grade made for text is the book one. It has a regular, an italic, a bold and a bold italic. The second grade is the display and is at the actual state made of a bold and a bold italic. Finally, the third grade is the head made of a special blackletter.

However, the Lemanic project is at the actual state an exploration and a work in progress. After 6 months, it was clear that it needed to work in different and distinct family. It will then work as four different systems which possess each their weights and styles.